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Pilot Friend and FREZ are like two hearts that beat as one.They’ve been together since childhood and do almost everything together no matter what. One day, Pilot Friend set out to take a ride on his private jet, but of course leaving Frez behind, as he knows how much of a distraction he would be.

Frez being upset that Pilot Friend won't fly with him steals one of Pilot Friend’s geography treasure-hunt books, jumps into Pilot Friend’s second jet which has auto-pilot "take off" capability when inputting any location and experiments with it by typing a destination into the jet’s GPS system from one of the solved puzzles. He then takes off to some unknown place..

When Pilot Friend realizes Frez has gone to a location unbeknownst to him... Pilot Friend becomes frantic, but luckily Frez leaves clues for his friend to trace him... soon as Pilot Friend figures out the first clue, he sets out to trace Frez's ultimate landing point (final location) in order to be united with him again. Please help Pilot Friend find FREZ.

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